PCH Meetings - 13th edition

PCH Meetings 2017, a 13th edition ever more ambitious for ever more numerous participants motivated by the formula.

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Many thanks to all our participants who, since the beginning of PCH Meetings, have supported us and helped the event to grow. The 2016 edition was a record: more than 30 new buyers and contractors and more than 40% new exhibitors.

For this 13th edition, our team and partners are here to bring you success and satisfaction.

Some important milestones to help you prepare the 2017 edition:

  • Beginning of registration for exhibitors and buyers: May 2016;
  • Diffusion of the conference programme: end October 2016;
  • Intensification of communications via our networks and preparation of the catalogue for the business meetings: January & February 2017.

We aim to highlight international buyers with a particular attention to buyers from Africa and its important development opportunities./p>

We will not forget our Swiss and Belgium friends, who have been accompanying us for several years now, and all of you who follow us on social media; you are more and more numerous to do so.

PCH Meetings is a customized event which prioritizes quality and personal approach: relevant, targeted and efficient meetings that will save you time. Our exclusive meetings organization between suppliers and buyers, along with the business convention methodology guarantees high-added value meetings.

Some appreciation and feedback from 2016.

From sellers/exhibitors

  • ADF SYSTEMES: Meetings with qualified industrial buyers.

  • AFLEX HOSE LTD: An effective way to meet many companies in a short space of time with real project needs.

  • EUROPEAN FILTER CORPORATION (E.F.C.): This principal of pre-arranged meeting is good; we can talk peacefully with the client who is not stressed by the need to rush off to try and catch other exhibitors.

  • ER INGENIERIE: Personalised business meetings allow us to target different contacts, the companies’ projects are well defined in advance which enables us to have a good understanding of the subject from the start.

  • GREENYELLOW: We are very fond of the concept of speed meetings which function well. The chemical/pharma industry specialisation is interesting.

  • KSB SAS: The organisation of the business meetings.

  • MIXEL: The meetings that are identified in advance enable us to optimise time, so precious in our jobs today.


    From buyers

    • ADISSEO: This enabled me to have contacts with companies that I do not know and to quickly see if their activities could be of interest to us.

    • AREVA NC: The organisation.

    • ARKEMA: I retain especially the preparation of the business meetings which is a real advantage.

    • BAYER SAS: Everything is taken care of = time optimisation

    • GATTEFOSSE SAS: Pre-planned meetings, no loss of time.

    • GRIMBERG: Organisation, subject quality, warm welcome and high professional standards of the organisers.

    • LACROIX: Event at a human scale with a good organisation.

    • MERIAL: Perfect organisation which allows us to optimise our time and presence.

    • MICHELIN: Proximity suppliers and their accessibility. Time optimisation for the meetings thanks to the system for planning the meetings in advance and the lovely dinners on site.

    • ORIL INDUSTRIE: Great organisation with an efficient and dynamic team. The appointments system works really well as does the system for requesting additional meetings on site. Quality of conference speakers.

    • PCAS: Speed-dating. Geographical localisation of the participants.

    • SANOFI: Human size, the quality of the exchanges.

    • SELVERT: The follow-up with sales staff so that they decide to come to the event.

    • SIEGWERK FRANCE: Facilitates contacts. Simple format. The site is easy to reach with no parking problems. Wifi.

    • SYNGENTA CROP PROTECTION MONTHEY SA: Meeting several suppliers in one place.

    • TOTAL Additifs & Carburants Spéciaux: Meeting with trade stakeholders that perfectly match our activity (petro/chemicals).

    • TRB CHEMEDICA SA: Reunions in the same place with all the market stake-holders.

    • UCB FARCHIM: The follow-up of the registrations and the organisation is very appreciated. Thank you.

    • VIFOR PHARMA: Proximity. Target


      • Wednesday 29th March

        PCH Meetings 2017 (in Espace Tête d’Or)

        8h00-9h00 :
        Participant registration

        9h00-12h30 :
        Private meetings
        and/or conferences (*)
        12h30-14h00 :
        Lunch on site
        14h00-18h30 :
        Private meetings
        and/or conferences (*)
        19h00 :
      • Thursday 30th March

        PCH Meetings 2017 (in Espace Tête d’Or)

        8h00-9h00 :
        Participant registration

        9h00-12h30 :
        Private meetings
        and/or conferences (*)
        12h30-14h00 :
        Lunch on site
        14h00-17h30 :
        Private meetings
        and/or conferences (*)
      • Salle PCH Meetings 2016

      (*) Five minute breaks between the private meetings and/or conferences.

      It is possible to have up to 26 appointments, throughout the course of PCH Meetings

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