PCH Meetings - 12th edition

Plaquette PCH Meetings

2014 represents the 10th anniversary of PCH Meetings business convention in Lyon, a European crossroad and a premier hub of the chemical industry in France.

With a notable presence of major European players of the first order, this edition will be rich in content. Our foreign research clusters who work in the heart of the industrial projects of tomorrow, endeavor to rally their Italian, Belgian and English members.

PCH meetings has been able to count on the loyal support and enthusiasm of AXELERA for many years, and thus the 11th edition will remain firmly dedicated to bringing European and even global issues to light.

The framework of our business meeting format, focuses on the technical aspects of the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical sectors, and thus gives us a real credibility to outline Tomorrow’s production systems which will be not only more reliable and competitive, but simpler in structure and energy which will minimize expulsions.

We will retain our «expertise/needs nomenclature categories » in equipment, processes, utilities and energy efficiency. For 2015 however, we will be adding renewable energy as a category. Especially as today this is an aspect which is valued more and more on production sites, who are in turn constantly developing a more “Green Business” ethos.

You company supplies or looks for solutions on :

  • Production-Processes
  • Utilities – networks – Production environment
  • Energy Efficiency and Cost
  • Packing- Packaging – Logistics
  • Running Projects – Counselling – Expertise – Training

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A few testimonials from PCH Meetings 2014 edition

  • AERZEN: Relevant program and discussion framework, very relevant.

    Automatique and Industrie: Main players of pharmaceuticals and the chemical industry, decision makers and project managers are all there.

  • BOCCARD: Quick, efficient and well-defined.

    COURBON: Efficiency and quality business meetings.

  • ERLAB: Pre-arranged business meeting concept.

    GEA HAPPEL France: Quality contacts and meeting schedule.

  • GLATT INGENIEURTECHNIK : Consistently striving to improve the quality of the business meetings. Conferences are very interesting with lots of attendees.

    LECHLER France: Number of meetings, 22. Good momentum for meeting contacts and great general organization.

  • MRB Automatismes Industriels: Quality decision makers. Interesting business potential.

    ABBOTT Healthcare: Proximity and personalised meetings.

  • ADISSEO: PCH Meetings allows a first contact with specialized companies and through the appointments there are many possibilities for collaboration on both current and future projects.

    ARKEMA: Perfect organization and targeted contacts.

  • BASF Beauty Care Solutions: Relevant participant selection.

    GENETHON: Saves you time especially when compared with other congresses or tradeshows: relevant and targeted meetings. Proximity of the hotel.

  • LEO PHARMA: A social event.

    SANOFI: Numerous contacts in a short space of time.

  • UCB FARCHIM: A unique event that I would recommend as much to decision makers as I would to suppliers. I tell them that they absolutely have to take part in this event. I have never had a single negative remark from a contact that I have recommended this event to.

    VON ROLL: Business meeting schedule and exhibitor quality.


Wednesday 25th March, 2015 

PCH Meetings 2015 (In Espace Tête d’Or)

Thursday 26th March, 2015

PCH Meetings 2015 (In Espace Tête d’Or)

8 :00 am – 9 :00 am: Participant registration.
9:00 am- 12:30 pm: Private meetings and/or conferences. (*)
12:30 pm – 2:00 pm: Lunch on site (restaurant)
2:00 pm – 6:30 pm: Private meetings and/or conferences. (*)
7 :00 pm: : Anniversary Gala evening.

8 :00 am – 9 :00 am: Participant registration.
9:00 am- 12:30 pm: Private meetings and/or conferences. (*)
12:30 pm – 2:00 pm: Lunch on site (restaurant)
2:00 pm- 5:30 pm: Private meetings and/or conferences. (*)

(*) Five minute breaks between the private meetings and/or conferences.

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